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Suggestions to all seemingly unsolvable problems. "The brightest stars, create the darkest shadows." DEM

Obsessive Consumption Disorder: an architectural diagnosis of intuition

Word To the Wise:

"…you need to know a world to make one."

"…we consume something to see what it does for us…"

"It’s hard to say whether patience does more for creativity than obsession…"


The term, ‘don’t take your work home with you’ does not apply to architecture. More specifically, it is impossible to ever get away from it, in one form or another. Architecture is everywhere, all the time. From the moment we awaken in a room designed by an architect or put on our clothes in a closet in that room, to most likely making a cup of coffee in a kitchen, to walking out the doorways and stairs that lead us onto the streets next to other buildings and into our modes of transportation that take us into our places of work/play, we are completely dominated by architecture – match, set and point. Although a minor glimpse into the discipline and its practitioners, this inability to ever cease working or at least thinking about work, borders on a great pathology that many misdiagnose.

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Keep them coming Sean


We believe they fear dying alone, and thus by making another by the time they go, they are granted them the privilege of turning back into energy or joining another world, sort of speak.